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Institutional Price Levels 

Tradingview ss IL.png

GBP/USD 4hr reacting at price level 1.30000

These are levels in the market that banks and other institutions use to change/alter the direction of price. For example with GBP/USD you can see the price comes down to 1.30000 before rejecting it and making an upwards movement.

Tradingview SS trend.png

USD/CHF Daily reacting at price level .98000

In this example, USD/CHF is trending in an upwards direction and the institutional level is used as a support level for price to come down to it before rejecting it and continuing to uptrend. I Always draw zones around these levels as price may not react directly to the level and call fall a little bit below or even a little bit before touching the institutional price.

Tradingview SS trend.png
Tradingview ss GU.png

Price moving past the blue line but only by a small amount

The Reason price can fall below these levels is because of a trading theory called “Stop Hunting” basically the institutes know retail traders are using these levels so they Short the currency to push price past the level and to where they think the retail traders stop losses are. Traders are taught from the beginning to place their stop losses above/below previous highs/lows, and if you haven’t noticed already, the market tends to take out those stops and then head the direction of their original analysis.

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