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Trading Experiences

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Really helpful and frequent meetings and 1-2-1s teaching about the basics and different strategies. Weekly trades sent in to the group chat with at least 70% success. Have game plans which teaches discipline and gives you daily targets which motivates you. Overall really pleased to be part of the team.

I honestly really like your signals because of the success rate compares to the losses, in particular i really like that when we hit SL the loss is almost insignificant but when we hit TP the profit is very high compared to loss. Moreover i really like the effort you put on this, all the lessons you do for free and the determination you bring on the field.

When I started I didn’t know a thing about trading. I have been following your signals and have made some decent profit but on a small scale as I didn’t want to risk big when I first started. I am wanting to take part of one your calls to learn more in depth however I wasn’t available for the last couple of times. 
But overall I can see that it does work and it is a good way to earn money.

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